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Tunnelling the Gotthard - English edition

The success story of the Gotthard Base Tunnel

Ed. by STS Swiss Tunnelling Society
Hardcover, 720 pages
Book pocket with 3 inserts (Schematic overview, Overall project schedule, Geological cross-sectional map along the east tunnel)
2016 FGU
ISBN 978-3-033-05803-3
30 cm
2935 g
80,00 €
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Tunnelling the Gotthard - English edition

More than 100 experts who were involved with the construction describe how they influenced, contributed to and experienced the project of the century.
The articles cover topics such as the political environment in the 1980s, the planning and elaboration of the project, the tendering and construction, with all aspects ranging from logistics and surveying to materials management, mechanical and electrical equipment and rail technology as well as environmental issues. A detailed section is also devoted to the higher-level management processes.
The combined facts about the 57 km-long Gotthard Base Tunnel show how much competence, performance, far-sightedness and innovation vigour decision-makers, engineers and builders have helped to add another flagship project to the Swiss tunnel construction.

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