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Drawing for Architects

Construction and Design Manual

Natascha Meuser
With contributions by Fabrizio Avella, Augusto Romano Burelli, Hans-Dieter Nägelke, Klaus Jan Philipp and Sergei Tchoban
Hardcover, approx. 240 pages over 350 images, with elastic strap, english
2015   Dom Publishers  
ISBN 978-3-86922-414-5
22,5×28 cm
1305 g
68,00 €
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Drawing for Architects

The drawing architect – for centuries, this term was just as tautological as the »baking baker« or the »gardening gardener«. Nevertheless, in this compendium one has to begin with reference to the fact that the acquisition of drawing skills is by no means a minor field of study for architects. Design methodology, also referred to as methodology of space and the representation of the human body, plays an important role – once more – in the present-day field of architectural activity. This book explores options for illustration, as well as contemporary practice with architectural presentation. It deals with the following topics:

> The history and theory of architectural drawing, covering a wide spectrum of issues in terms of art and architectural history. Examples are provided by two design collections.
> Ten architects present their architectural concepts based on a selection of drawing and presentation techniques.
> Ten exercises for freehand drawing, demonstrating that spatial vision and the ability to think in three-dimensional terms can be learnt by anyone.
> Demonstrative examples and practical exercises which illustrate technical drawing and the fundamental principles of perspective.